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Our core competence: SAP projects with the right methods and tools, finally on time, scope and budget.

We act in the roles of PMO, IT project manager, scrum master or agile coach - depending on your needs. Our expertise includes IoT, SAP implementations and international projects. We strengthen your agile mindset and thus your collaboration in individual teams or between the interfaces of several teams in larger IT projects and programs.

Your project is as unique as the people involved in it! With its expertise in complex projects, META supports you on your individual path to more agile ways of thinking and processes. We strengthen collaboration between those involved and drive your IT project forward.

Do you work in an international team? No problem! We can help you overcome the challenges of remote meetings, language barriers, cultural differences and team expectations.

"Identifying the problem is more important than identifying the solution, because the accurate representation of the problem leads to the solution." - Albert Einstein

IT project management

Everyone wants "agile". But somehow it quickly starts to grate! For our customers, we usually come into play when "agile" has turned into pure chaos in the SAP project. The initial enthusiasm has given way to disillusionment. Every team in the SAP project team is cooking its own soup. Nobody believes in the big picture anymore. And certainly no longer the go-live date. There is a lack of "why", i.e. a lack of focus on the common goal of the SAP transformation. And also the "how", i.e. the ways and methods to achieve this goal.

As an IT project manager, project management office (PMO), scrum master and agile coach, it is our job to ensure that the teams in the SAP project pick up speed again, leverage their existing resources and make the best possible use of their own skills and replace the calendar tetris with a more efficient meeting culture. Does your IT project need a boost? META now brings structure, a breath of fresh air and aligns everyone towards a common goal.


IT project management

Flexible project management solutions: We offer classic, hybrid and agile project management for IT projects and SAP S/4HANA transformations. We adapt the approach to your requirements. So everyone benefits from optimized results.


Project Management Office (PMO)

As a PMO, we provide methods, tools and expertise and ensure cross-project knowledge and resource management. We create the framework conditions for successful IT projects or SAP S/4HANA transformations with a transparent and structural approach.

Scrum Master

As scrum masters, we help the product owner to define the project requirements and help the team to understand them. We support the team in Scrum so that the backlog can be processed smoothly. We act as moderators, coaches and mentors and remove any obstacles to the team's work.

IT project management

As an interim agile coach, we support you and your company in introducing agile methods. As agile coaches, we also accompany you through the change and beyond. Together we accelerate your IT project or your SAP S/4HANA transformations with selected agile tools and methods.

Training & Workshops

Would you like to consistently integrate agile working methods such as Scrum into your processes?
And train your employees or get them excited about it?
Then you've come to the right place!

Scrum Master & Product Owner certifications

For developers, scrum masters and managers

META offers training and further education for project management and Scrum online and in-house. These training courses are a good basis for introducing agile working into your company and projects. We teach you the basics to bring agile ways of working into your organization. After our training, you will have a deep understanding of agile values and the benefits of short-term planning and regular reviews. Optionally, you can then take the exam for certification as a Scrum Master or Product Owner. We tailor the training to your individual needs.

Agile Leadership Training

For managers and all those who want to become one.

Modern leadership requires new skills and approaches. In our three-day "New Leadership Professional" training course, you will develop the skills you need to be an effective leader in today's dynamic working world. The training starts with self-leadership and expands to contemporary, agile leadership, including digital leadership and developing high-performance teams. Practical simulations, group exercises and solid theoretical knowledge will prepare you to apply these tools and methods directly in your day-to-day work.

Scrum for SAP

For developers:inneb, Scrum Masters, managers or teams in SAP projects

With SCRUM EVENTS, META conducts two-day training and further education courses for project management and Scrum online and in-house. These include training courses and seminars for developers, Scrum Masters, managers or teams outside of software development. These training courses are a good basis for introducing agile working in your company and projects. You build up the necessary know-how among all stakeholders, explain the background to agile values and principles and thus help to better transfer what has been learned into practice.

WORKSHOP Moderation

For teams that want to work together more efficiently.

Do you know the situation when your calendar is full but you can't get to work? Establish a more effective meeting culture! META offers hourly and daily moderation of online or in-house workshops in which you learn how to better plan, structure and moderate meetings. META shows how to conduct interactive and value-adding retrospectives with a team online. More focus, better time management and results-oriented moderation increase team satisfaction and your meeting ROI - the "return on (time) investment".

META builds on experience from past IT projects in various industries

Heat and air conditioning technology

Optimisation of the Scrum process

For an IoT project innovation: Analysis of existing team and stakeholder structures with regard to agility. Development of recommendations for action for a more effective, transparent Scrum process. Establishment of a review and documentation scheme incl. introduction of cross-team review standards. Evaluation of the HVAC IoT platform strategy for the POC.

Plant engineering


Onboarding of 100 stakeholders in seven SAP sub-projects: Enthusiasm for vision, establishment of new project standards and processes, synchronisation of IT and business departments in India, UK, USA, Belgium, France, Colombia and Argentina. Successful handover of the new SAP system to users.

Consumer goods, fully automatic coffee machines

SAP S/4 HANA - Agile Implementation

SAP Greenfield Implementation: In the areas of Finance, Service, Sales and Supply Chain according to Scrum and Scrum@Scale with pilot implementation in the USA. Management of the development team (at times over 80 people) from the design to the implementation phase for the USA template. Responsibility for release management and consolidation of agile working methods, e.g. sprint planning, implementation of daily scrums and retrospectives, impediment handling).

Energy supply

SAP S/4 HANA - Rollout according to Scrum@Scale

In the areas of end-to-end allocation according to Scrum and Scrum@Scale implementation at all locations. Stabilisation of agile procedures according to Scrum (backlog management, sprint planning, implementation of daily scrums and retrospectives, impediment handling).

Let's carry out successful IT projects and training courses together!

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META Projects & Training - Founder at work

Customer experience


Jessica supported us in our iot project in transitioning the waterfall organisation into the agile way of working. With her experience as an agile coach and project management, she created great transparency and value at all levels, from software dev to top management. She impresses with the highest level of discipline, reliability and work commitment.


I have rarely experienced someone who is so eminently important in a project for the collaboration of many subject matter experts & individuals with all their "quirks". She burns for the topic and is always eager to help. She has a profound methodological knowledge and even more important the empathy to notice where team members need her support.


Jessica supported us in the realignment of the group-wide reporting system. I particularly appreciated the trusting, professional and goal-oriented cooperation at all times, as well as her structured way of working, which contributed significantly to the success of the complex project.

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