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META's mission is to bring more ease to IT projects and teams.

META creates a mindset in which change is not seen as a threat to an existing order, but as an opportunity for growth. Individually, as a team, at an organizational level.

After all, change is life, and every healthy company is a living ecosystem that is constantly evolving. In times when markets are changing radically and innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter, this is more true than ever. META picks up your team and organization where they are right now.

The agile processes and values that we introduce in your organization not only help you to master the current change, but also to approach future changes with courage. In this way, the growth zone becomes the future comfort zone.

Founder and CEO Jessica Turner

Jessica Turner founded her own company, META Projects & Training, with which she accompanies organizations and people through IT transformation projects such as the SAP S/4HANA implementation. She runs her own development projects in Kenya and Nepal to help women and children start a self-determined life. And for some time now, Jessica has also been investing in start-ups that create added value for society. The common denominator of all her activities is the theme of continuous change, or "metamorphosis", as the title of her first book puts it.

I am a person who is always on the lookout for development opportunities - for myself, but also for my clients and business partners. My message is that change is a process and part of life.

For my clients - large corporations and SMEs that I support in their IT transformation processes - I usually come into play when something has stalled. The initial enthusiasm has given way to disillusionment. Everyone is cooking their own soup. Nobody believes in the big picture anymore. There is a lack of "why", i.e. a lack of focus on a common goal. As a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, it is my job to help teams regain momentum, leverage their existing resources, make the best possible use of their own skills and establish a more efficient meeting culture.

In my work as an investor, I focus on start-ups that already have this desire for change in their DNA. Wherever I go, whoever I talk to - I always see the potential that lies in my counterpart and in the respective situation. There's no such thing as can't. I am a passionate problem solver, I want to develop myself and make a difference in my environment.

Jessica Turner_Founder and CEO

"What I do, I do with heart." - Jessica Turner

What META cares about

Social commitment

Many companies take up the cause of social commitment. For META, it is a real affair of the heart, closely linked to the founder Jessica Turner. Even beyond the proceeds of the book , META is involved with its own work and donations to trustworthy organisations, such as the SOS Children's Village in Saarbrücken or the Karmalaya Foundation in Nepal .


"Great things are always created in small things". This is not only the slogan of the Saarland, where META was born. As a young entrepreneur, Jessica Turner passes on her knowledge to other young entrepreneurs from the region at trade fairs and networking events and encourages them to develop their business ideas. To this end, META cooperates with the start-up offices of universities and colleges, among others.

Growing together

The disciplines in IT projects are changing rapidly. That's why it's important to always keep your finger on the pulse in order to provide authentic and meaningful advice. META continuously expands its methodological and technical knowledge in order to be a partner at eye level. META feels closely connected to its clients and partners in the values of reliability, respect and trust. Only in this way can we all grow together.

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What partners say about meta


Jessica was a Scrum master in a highly technical environment. She's a great team leader and agile coach. She understands what we tech engineers say but also knows how to value that with the stakeholders. She's enabling, refactoring our agile process and knows how to take the best of an agile team. I deeply recommend her!


Jessica is one of the team members that every project wants and many desperately need! With her determination, empathy and energy she brings every project forward! What I appreciate most is her authentic nature mixed with a dash of humour, so that working together has always been a lot of fun!


Reliability, speed and competence, plus a lot of empathy and humour - every team can only benefit from Jessica and her energy. Due to her open, attentive manner and her high professional competence, the cooperation is always pleasant, goal-oriented and absolutely recommendable. Thank you!

META Projects & Training - Founder at work

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