Changes in organisations

Success factors of change management

Success factors in change management include creating a very clear vision, understanding the organisation with all its stakeholders as well as the market environment and clarity. Communication and transparency are two very essential components of successful change management.

Agility helps your company to maintain an overview in the VUCA world. META helps you to meet the challenges in your IT project with agile frameworks such as Scrum!


Change management is often underestimated

In practice, many change processes fail. A prominent example of this is Nokia. They disappeared from the position of world market leader in the cell phone sector after the advent of smartphones due to a lack of willingness to change. The same applies to Motorola and Blackberry . They were unable to keep pace with technological change.

Proper change management makes for success

A good example of change management is the successful change process at Apple. After Microsoft had been built up as an enemy image among Apple employees for a long time, it was difficult to convince the employees of the meaningfulness of a cooperation.

Steve Jobs quit the long-standing enmity with Microsoft after rejoining the company in 1997. He made Microsoft applications work on Apple's Macs. The introduction of iPods and later iPhones and iPads crowned the change process with terrific financial success.

Change management is a process

Franz Kafka said at the time: "Paths are made by walking them". Those who believe they can escape the VUCA world are mistaken. The answer to VUCA is strategic change management.

Change management encompasses the strategic and operational repositioning and restructuring of a company. This is a process and must be approached in a structured way. John Kotter (link to his books) has developed the eight-step model for change management .

8 steps to change management

1. establish and communicate urgency
2. forge coalitions that initiate change
3. develop a strategic vision
4. build an "army of volunteer supporters"
5. break down barriers and obstacles
6. aim for "quick wins"
7. maintain momentum
8. anchor change

"I didn't see it at the time, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me." - Steve Jobs