Staff development

The development of employees is multi-layered

Education and training in companies is very important. There is no question about that. But the development of employees goes far beyond education or training. The development of employees is complex and individual.

Training and education as a building block of development

Further education and training in companies must be integral components of human resources development. This ensures that companies have enough qualified employees in times of demographic development.

Meaning and vision

It is very important to provide employees with the WHY and the SENSE for working in the organisation. Meaning and vision are very important factors in employee development. Especially for Generation Y: the employees who will shape the future of your company.

It is a promising way to bind employees to the company.

META helps you to do this!

Advantages of staff development

Competitive advantages

Long-standing employees have the necessary knowledge about the company . They know the relationships, political structures, methods and techniques of the organisation. This influences the result. And clearly shows the added value and difference. It is a clear competitive advantage when knowledge does not have to be rebuilt by recruiting external forces.

Employee retention

Employees who have been developed internally already have a basis of trust: with the company, colleagues and superiors. It also increases interest in the work. And thus loyalty and commitment to the company. Training and employee development ensures lower absenteeism, lower turnover rates and increased consistency in organisations.


Organisational flexibility

In a constantly changing world of work, flexibility in staff development is required. Training and education offer employees the opportunity to acquire the skills. This allows them to work in different projects, departments and tasks of an organisation.


Personal responsibility

The targeted development of staff members, the promotion of self-learning and Coaching programmes lead step by step to more individual responsibility. And thus to the vertical development and general strengthening of the company.

Shortened learning time

With training and education, a long-term benefit is created. Well-developed and trained employees need less time for new things. This includes new (agile) methods, techniques and ways of working. This makes it easier for them to keep their finger on the pulse.

Competence and innovative capacity

Individual trainings for classic and agile project management methods as well as coaching support employees. They contribute to the optimal development of competence and innovative capacity of organisations. They are the building blocks for continuous quality and success.

 "If you only do things that you know in advance how they will go, your business will go under." Jeff BeZOS