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With large IT projects, it is not uncommon for the vision and the big "why" to be lost sight of. Communication within the team comes to a standstill, reporting to the top becomes intransparent. Everyone is in crisis mode. META unites the stakeholders behind the common goal and gets communication going again, across departmental and jurisdictional boundaries.

META lays the foundation for a new approach to processesthat is better adapted to a world that is changing faster and faster. Continuous learningthe flexible adaptation to new framework conditions: These are important factors for gaining momentum in your projects and being able to operate successfully on the markets in the future.

Your organization - ready for the agile transformation

META puts all its heart and soul and experience into accompanying you through this structural change. The focus is on people and their multifaceted skills. With agile coaching, training and workshops, together we create the mindset that your employees need to feel comfortable in this change-oriented world and to help shape it courageously.

IT Project Team

"It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one most able to adapt to change." - CHARLES DARWIN

We bring structure to IT projects - with methods that suit you. 


In the environment of agile transformation , META creates tangible added value for your organization and for each individual employee.
What you can expect:

Structured approach

Agile does not mean haphazard, on the contrary. META breaks down your process into iterative sprints that are easier for your team to grasp. This makes it easier for everyone involved to stay focused, understand their own role and contribute to the success of the project. This provides orientation on the way to the project goal.


META supports you in your current project. At the same time, it lays the foundation for a sustainable, more agile mindset in your company. Employees are empowered, changes not to meet change with skepticism or even rejection, but to approach it openly, courageously and, above all, together.


In large IT projects, it is not uncommon for the vision and the big why to be lost sight of. Communication within the team falters, reporting upwards becomes intransparent. Everyone operates in crisis mode. META unites the stakeholders again behind the common goal and gets communication going, across departmental and responsibility boundaries. Thanks to regular reviews, everyone involved maintains an overview and knows what to do next.

Full commitment

META immerses itself one hundred percent in the respective project and becomes part of your entrepreneurial ecosystem. This helps to effectively and credibly initiate the necessary change from within. By dividing "mammoth projects" into manageable sprints, a new dynamic and tangible commitment sets in: More becomes possible in less time and your team feels that commitment is worthwhile (again).

META Projects & Training - Founder at work

And your challenges?

No matter where you currently stand in your IT project - the first exchange is completely non-binding and free of charge for you. We will then create a customized offer for your IT project and training requirements.

Meta-levels of agile transformation

Agility encompasses all levels of your organization. Here you can see where META is working for you and what META is changing for the better.

Individual level

Experiencing the effectiveness of new processes, gaining experience, discovering joy and a sense of purpose, seeing one's own ability to develop, celebrating a sense of achievement.

Team level

Communicating better, achieving more together, creating more optimal interfaces, common focus on one goal, respect and understanding for what others are doing.

Organisational level

Ensure future viability, promote agility, develop the ability to change, become a self-learning organisation, ensure the applicability of what has been learned to all processes.

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